Update on the dates for the Touring car Championship. 

The UMCC Committee have been in touch with are Rep for the Touring car class to inform us that due to a clash with an event at the Grammer School the hall is no longer available for April 12th. A new date has been secured and agreed on of April 5th for Round 1 of the Touring car Championship. This change is not reflected in the calendar currently but will shortly be update.

Round 1 :  Saturday April 5th at Bangor Grammer School. Hosted by UMCC.



Thanks to all the members who turned up at last week AGM in Navan. Just to update everyone of the changes to the committee. 
Chairman - Barkley Abernethy
Secretary - Carel Menies
Treasurer - Colin Whelan 
Vice Chairman - James Clarke 

Class Reps
Rallycross - Enda O'Donnell
Electric TC - Peter Philips
Large Scale - Cormac Wyatt
1/10 Elec Off Road - Graham Parkes / Lee McGuire

Drivers who applied for Euro and World events. 

1/10 Elec Off Road - Euro A - Michael Bolger
1/8 Rally cross - Euro B and Worlds - Bradley Baird
1/5 Large scale - Cormac Wyatt, Gary Humphries, Jason Noonan and Anthony Fitzpatrick. 

The EFRA agm took place over the last two days and the minutes have been released. All places applied for have been accepted. All drivers taking place in one of these events should take a moment to check the minutes for there class to check for any changes to event dates or venue.

1/8 rallycross - http://news.efra.ws/fileadmin/documents/2013/11/Minutes%201-8%20IC%20Buggy2013.pdf

1/10 elec - http://news.efra.ws/fileadmin/documents/2013/11/Minutes%20Electric%20All%203%20Sections%20version1.pdf

1/5 large - http://news.efra.ws/fileadmin/documents/2013/11/Minutes%20Large%20Scale%20version2b.pdf

EFRA Calendar - http://news.efra.ws/fileadmin/documents/2013/11/calender%202014.xls