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"IR - WarmUp - Elektric Buggy 1: 8 OffRoad" - in May 2015 at WMW RC BUGGY RACING TEAM FEHRING, AUSTRIA.
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OPEN E-8 EURO 2015 AUSTRIA (from 14th to August 16th, 2015)
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Race report from the 5th & Final Round of

1:8 Off-Road National Championships

Held at Navan


Rallycross Round 5 was the final round in a hard fought 1:8 off-road championship and took place at the Navan Nitro Nuts track. Conditions on the day were fantastic with sunshine for both Saturdays practice day and all through Sunday giving the track ultra-high grip. 

In the Nitro Class with 8 automatically qualifying for the A Final it was up to the top two drivers in the B Final to make up the final rostrum spots to start in the A-Main.  One of the youngest drivers Andrew McClean took 1st in the B with 30 laps in the 20 minutes race (fastest lap 35.41 in lap 13) while the familiar face of Alan Bickerstaff took a close 2nd only 15 seconds behind young Andrew. 

In the Nitro A Final it was again the championship leader Bradley Baird who took up pole position starting out front with a clear track in the A Final but a technical problem on lap 54 forced him out putting a whole new spin on who we were going to see on the podium at the end of the day.

(Note: Bradley did manage to TQ in both nitro and E-Buggy so he didn’t go home empty handed). 

As at previous events Bradley was followed up the rostrum stairs by the chasing pack of Gary Baird / Barkley Abernethy & Alan Scroggie and all three drivers went on to finish in this order after a tough 45minute final. All drivers clocked up an amazing 74 laps around the new Navan layout.  With as little as .037 of a second between Alan and Barkley and .110 of a second between Barkley and the winner Gary (based on average lap times) you can imagine how close this race was to watch.  A drop of rain (literally) around the 30 minute mark saw a few pit men line up the angel spikes but they were never needed as the sun kept on shining.

An absolutely fantastic A Final with fastest lap going to Gary Baird who finished first with a lap time of 33.82 in lap 57 with Bradley having the 2nd fastest lap of 34.29 in lap 8.  

In the eBuggy class as in Nitro it was once again Bradley Baird who took top spot in qualifying but similar to the 4th round he didn’t have it all his own way. Having taken 2 wins in Rnd 2 & 4 Bradley was under pressure from the current Championship leader Aaron Vance who was snapping at his heels and continued to post competitive times and fastest lap at 34.38.  In the end Aaron proved to strong winning with 17 laps while Bradley finished 2nd just under 5.5secs ahead of Gary Baird who was determined to make sure of a spot on the podium. Both finished with 16 laps.  Again in this round a battle for 4th proved exciting between Andrew Rennick & Colin Whelan (Colin had already secured two 3rd place podium finishes) but on this occasion it as Andrew who took 4th with a 20 sec lead at the end of the race. 

Final results have now been posted here on the RCCAOI web site so well done to all drivers in both classes and a major word of thanks to all the clubs who hosted the 5 excellent weekends of racing (and memorable BBQs!).