2014 1/10th Electric Off-Road National Championship Report

At the beginning of 2014 we thought about how we should go about organising the 1/10th off road nationals. With the re-introduction of the Clubman class we felt we could have a National Championship that was open to everyone, whatever level the driver was at we wanted them there. We also wanted it to be fun, but at the same time have a good level of competition.

We think we achieved what we set out to, as we had more racers attend the nationals than we have seen for a number of years. There was thirty eight cars across the classes, with all rounds being well attended. We were delighted with the turn out, especially with some drives who normally race different classes and even some who haven’t raced for years coming back to the hobby.

Also, the level of interest in racing at next year`s EFRA euros is fantastic with up to ten drivers hoping to attend. Something we haven’t seen for a long time in Ireland.


Round 1, Navan Nirto Nuts

Round 1 was hosted by the guys at NNN on their 1/8th Astro track. The day started off dry but quickly changed to intermittent showers keeping the track nice and slippery for the majority of the day. Though talking to some of the drivers throughout the event they felt it made things interesting and was a good challenge. The day was dominated by Bradley Baird in 4wd Mod, Kevin White in 2wd Clubman and Mark Penny in 2wd Mod.

Some of the younger drivers were happy with their day, with the likes of Adam Keegan making the A final in 2wd and Team C driver Alan Thompson winning the B. Though he made an overall 5th, Dylan McBurney was getting the hang of racing at national level real quick with a win in the final leg of 2wd mod.

It was quite a relaxed round with Colin Whelan doing a great job in race control.

The NNN track before the rain


Round 2, Dublin Model Car Club

Round 2 saw the nationals return to the DMCC after its absence in 2013. DMCC is the only 1/10th off-road club in Ireland on an indoor Astro track. Yet again Mark Penny showed us how it`s done taking wins in both 2wd and 4wd mod in his AE cars. This time Dylan McBurney had top three finishes in both classes, showing that he had designs on the championship. He was a wise signing for Schumacher! Kevin White again took the win in 2wd Clubman, with Graham Parkes and Wayne McGuire just behind him.

Team McBurney surround Mark Penny (probably trying to steal his Ferrero Rocher)

Round 3, Dublin Model Car Club

The DMCC was again the venue for the next round.

This was the round Mark Penny cemented his overall win in 2wd Mod. He also put himself in a better position to get in front of Bradley Baird in 4wd. Dylan McBurney also got another two top three finishes, getting in an even better position in advance of the final round. Michael Bolger had two 2nds here too, again. Also the young lads done well for themselves with Alan Thompson and Adam Keegan getting A final finishes.

In 2wd Clubman Kevin White was missing, and Wayne McGuire took the 100 points giving him a boost in the championship driving the Tamiya.

Adam Keegan prepares for the A Final (looking a bit worried)


Round 4, Banbridge and District Model Car Club

The final round was to be held at the 1/8th Dirt and Astro track at BADMCC. There was a mix of dry and wet weather, though the rain only improved grip on the dirt. It was a lot of driver`s first trip to BADMCC, and some drivers first race on dirt.

Mark Penny wasn’t to race, so it left the door open for 100 points to the top drivers in both 2wd and 4wd. Though had he appeared, it wouldn’t have been a definite win for him judging by the standard of diving on the day. Especially from Bradley Baird who wiped the floor with the other divers in 4WD Mod.

Dylan McBurney had plans on a top 3 finish in 4wd, though with a breakdown and an unlucky 4th finish it wasn’t to be. Though he certainly made up for it with a fantastic win in 2wd mod. Mark had better watch out next year as this guy just keeps getting better.

Michael Bolger had a really consistent day and took away two podium finishes with his B5 and B44, with William White taking 3rd in 2wd Mod and Derek McCloskey getting 2nd in 4wd Mod.

This was Kevin Whites second visit to BADMCC and he took the win in 2wd Clubman to give him the overall championship win. For Wayne McGuire it was his first drive on dirt and he was delighted to come away with a second position for the day and overall just ahead of Dave Bolger.


Dylan McBurney shows the elder lemons how it’s done


Overall winners

2WD Clubman Winners:

1st Kevin White (Schumacher), 2nd Wayne McGuire (Tamiya), 3rd Dave Bolger (Associated)

4WD Modified Winners:

Tied in 1st Bradley Baird (Sworkz) and Mark Penny (associated), 3rd Michael Bolger (Associated)

2WD Modified Winners:

1st Mark Penny (Associated), 2nd Dylan McBurney (Schumacher), 3rd Michael Bolger (Associated)



The RCCAOI would like to thank everyone who made this year series happen. Mentioning a few names, Enda O`Donnell and Colin Whelan at NNN, Barkley Abernethy at BADMCC, Kevin White and Ken Gordon at DMCC. We know a lot of guys at each club prepared their tracks for us giving up a lot of their time. Thanks to all of you.

But most of all the drivers who turned up at each round no matter what the weather forecast said, and who gave us all some very exciting racing to participate in and watch. Well done to all!




2014 RCCAOI 1/10th Electric Off-Road Irish National Championships Report


Round 4, BADMCC.

The final round of the RCCAOI Nationals was held at BADMCC in Aghalee near Craigavon. The track is mostly dirt, with some astro turf on the jumps. It’s normally a 1/8th track, but the club shortened the track to suit 1/10th electric.

The day started off dry with a dusty track, though that was to change later in the day.


The BADMCC track is one of the biggest 1/8th tracks in Ireland and the UK, Though it was scaled down for the 1/10th guys.


2WD Clubman was going to be hotly contested, with 2 points between Kevin White and Wayne McGuire. Though qualifying wasn’t going to be straight forward as they were last off the start line. With Wayne thinking his Tamiya was tougher than 10 inch drainage pipe he was out of the first round after only 6 laps. Though Ken and Dave didn’t make it easy for Kevin. Things improved for Wayne though Kevin showed he had the hang of racing on dirt by improving with each round and taking pole.


In 2WD Modified William White and Derek McCloskey were to have the best qualifying rounds with 17 laps a piece. Though Derek lost out in his last round only completing two laps, though he had enough in his first two rounds to take second position on the grid with William second. Though Dylan McBurney, Denzell McBurney and Michael Bolger weren’t going to make the finals easy for them, all three getting the hang of the track as the day went on.


The 4WD Modified class was completely dominated by Bradley Baird, with BADMCC being his home track. He was two laps up on anyone else, though had a break down in round 2, but easily taking pole with two good rounds.

Though there were big changes in the results with Dylan McBurney, Derek McCloskey, Lee McGuire, Alan Thompson and Michael Bolger all taking top 3 finishes.



Denzell McBurney coming onto the straight in his Schumacher


The finals kicked off after a break for lunch, though at this stage the sky was getting darker and rain could be seen in the distance, we were to get a dry first leg but things went downhill from there. Though some of the racers liked the grip levels in the wet

The 2WD Clubman finals were to produce some close racing between Kevin and Wayne, though Kevin showed he was the King of Clubman with three wins. Though he was caught using some unusual techniques to put Wayne off his stride. Wayne had his second position overall after the first two Legs. He were followed by Dave and Ken in 3rd and 4th.



Kevin tries to upset Wayne’s mojo


The Modified A final started off bad for William White, with him crashing on the first lap to lose his pole position advantage, though Derek kept position to take the win. Denzell McBurney managed to move up from his 5th grid position and take second. By the time the second leg came round the rain had started to fall, keeping the dust down and improving grip on the dirt sections, though the astro got a little slippier.

With the second leg there were some big changes with Dylan and Michael Bolger taking first and second. Michael O`Leary came from the back of the grid with some nice consistent driving to take 3rd. The grid leaders put themselves in the bottom two with a lot of crashes.

In the final leg Dylan and Michael stayed in the top three again with some very consistent driving faring well in the tough conditions, the two of them battling for position. William managed to hold on to his grid position coming in first. The second driver on the grid had another unfortunate race coming in last. There were some interesting cars in the A final with Ian Thompson and his vintage Losi, showing the old cars still have it.

Overall Dylan McBurney took a very well deserved win with some fantastic driving. It’s good to see young drivers do so well, with this only being Dylan’s second national series.


2WD Mod Winners, 1st Dylan McBurney (centre), 2nd Michael Bolger (right), 3rd William White (left)


In 4WD Modified, Bradley took the first two wins, totally dominating the class. Though Dylan McBurney was getting better as the day went on, qualifying second on the grid and keeping the position for the first leg. Though he finished a little further down the field in the second leg, with Derek taking the second. In the last leg it looked like Dylan could take second but he had a break down after 10 laps and had to retire. Derek took second giving him second overall, with Michael Bolger taking third with two top three finishes.


4WD Modified winners, 1st Bradley Baird (not pictured), 2nd Derek McCloskey (left), 3rd Michael Bolger (right)



Overall this was a successful last round for the RCCAOI Nationals, with most drivers traveling a couple of hours to take part. Though it rained it didn’t put a dampener on the day and the drivers were in good spirits. This was a lot of drivers first trip to BADMCC and we heard a lot of them saying they were looking forward to next year.

Some of the drivers weren’t used to having dirty cars.



The RCCAOI would like to thank the BADMCC for putting on a great days racing, in particular Barkley Abernethy who put up with the 1/10th drivers for the day. But we would specially like to thank all the drivers for turning out and look forward to seeing them next year.

Racing went ahead at Craigavon on Saturday despite the treat of rain all day which in the end never appeared. Qualifying was a close affair between all the competitors on the days with Mark taking TQ over Andrew who had to fend off several challanges from Graham throughout qualifying. In the end after the three legs it's congratulation to Mark Gilliland for taking the victory at the Final Touring Car round of 2014. This victory also gives Mark the overall win in the Championship over Alan Bickerstaff.

Coming in second on the day was Andrew Smith followed closely by Graham Kenny. Both Graham and Andrew were fighting it out for 3rd place overall in the Championship which after this rounds results are added to the series gives 3rd to Andrew on a count back. Big thanks once again to the Craigavon Club for hosting the event and to the supportive 1/5th bikers who came to race alongside the TC's for the day.