Notice to all National Rally cross racers.


 Due to the unusually high number of drivers being disqualified at the last two rounds in Badmcc and Navan due to overall track width at scrutineering (nine in total) a representative of the RCCAOI contacted EFRA the European Federation of Radio operated Automobiles to compare how track width is measured / examined in the rest of Europe. It was confirmed that the EFRA method was different from the method currently in use here, resulting in buggies passing at international events but possibliy failing here during examination.

As per section 19 a meeting was called on Sunday with a representative of each of the National host clubs and the 1/8th scale rep to discuss this finding. It was proposed (under section 19 of the 1/8th I.C. off road rules), that the EFRA method should be adopted here for future events.



The proposal was agreed and passed by a unanimous decision and the EFRA method will be used for the final round in MRCR Monaghan and at all future events. The wording of the width measurement rule, 15.1.6, will be amended to reflect the change at the next AGM.

Greg Cunningham,

1.8th   Rallycross Rep.


RCCAOI Nationals, Round 3 NNN Race Report.



The Saturday practice got off to a damp start due to the heavy rain for the previous 18 hours. The rain stopped around lunchtime, and the practice got under way around 2pm. The drainage work under the astro turf proved a success as 20 minutes after the rain stopped; there was no standing water on the track at all.

Finals day, Sunday, proved dryer than the Saturday, with good grip on the artificial surface from the outset. When the Sun came out at lunchtime, drivers commented on the excessive grip and were moving to lower grip tyres, finishing on mini pins by the finals. The high grip levels took its toll on the buggies with many drivers having more than their fair share of mechanical issues.

At the end of the qualifying rounds, Alan Scroggie of Nimcc took T.Q. in the Nitro class with Gary Baird of Badmcc taking T.Q. in the E Buggy class. This was carried through to the final result with Alan Scrogie (Agama) taking first place in the Nitro class, with Gary Baird (Agama) a very close second, and Andrew White (Xray) in third place.




 In E Buggy, Barkley Abernathy (Agama) took first place with Gary Baird (Agama) in second, with David Telford (Losi) third.



Next race in the calendar is a re-run of the previously cancelled round 2, this event takes place on Sunday 18th at MCRC, Monaghan.

Best of luck to all those competing.



1/10th Electric Off Road National Championships

Round 4, August 21st, Dublin Model Car Club (DMCC)

Hi All,

We just want to give drivers some information in advance of Round 4 of the 1/10th Off Road Electric Nationals at the Dublin Model Car Club.

Gates open from 8.30am

Booking in will be open from approx. 9 until 10 (will be announced over PA)

Track open from 9 to 10 for open practice.

Drivers briefing approx. 10.15

First race 10:30 sharp.

There will be a 30 min lunch break after Qualifying

Finals will start approx. 2pm


Qualifying will be 3 rounds, Round by Round, with best 2 rounds to count.

Finals will be 3 legs, with best 2 to count.

Timing system is Mylaps RC4.

There`s plenty of pitting indoors and power is provided. There is also tables and chairs provided. No tents to be set up in parking area.

Please see for location details.

Race fee is €10 for first class, €5 for second.

Control Tyre Schumacher Mini Spike or Ballistic Buggy Minispike. You will not be allowed race without these on ALL DRIVEN AXLES


Rules can be found here:

Note@: LiPo Sacks are Mandatory

You must be a member of the RCCAOI and an affiliated club to race. Please join before the race day, though we will take forms on the day. But remember we are racing too, and can do without the extra headacheJ!

Remember, if you want to race 2WD and 4WD 1/10th this is now considered 2 classes, so you must sign up for both.

If you have any questions regarding anything, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We can’t answer questions on Facebook, as there are too many groups to monitor!