Notice to all Drivers participation in National Race Events

LiPo Drive batteries along with Tx/Rx LiPo Batteries must be charged in a ‘LiPo sack’ at all times. LiPo sack is defined as a receptacle designed for the purpose of charging Lipo batteries and of a suitable construction as to contain a LiPo fire.
A LiPo sack must be capable of quenching a fire; a carrier bag is not suitable! You must be able to enclose the sack around the batteries so as to contain any fire should the worst happen. LiPo sacks are available from model shops and online.
Failure to use a LiPo sack may result in punishment ranging from loss of best round score to dismissal from the site, at the discretion of the race stewards.

Styles of Lipo Sacks Available

Ensure to enclose batteries while charging


Following on from previous correspondence the RCCAOI AGM will take place on Sunday October 25th at the Boynevalley Hotel in Drogheda starting at 11am till 1pm. All RCCAOI members are welcome to attend.