Dear 1/8th Scale Racer,

Preparations are well underway for the 2017 RCCAOI 1/8th scale Off Road National Championship. This hotly contested series, the pinnacle of the Irish 1/8th scale off road racing calendar, is being run over five race weekends, and for the first time ever, at five different tracks. The format for the Championship is four out of five events to count, with two classes being run, Nitro and E buggy. Membership of the RCCAOI and an affiliated club is compulsory. 

Round 1

The Championship kicks off on the 6th and 7th of May at the BADMCC track in Aghalee. The track is arguably the best track of its kind in Britain or Ireland. The track is multi surface, comprising of Dirt, Timber, Rubber Matting, Crazy Paving, and Brick, with Astroturf over the jumps. Details …

Round 2

This marks a return to Cork. On the 24th and 25th of June, after an absence last year, the CRCCC is hosting round 2. An all dirt track, this is a new layout to previous years, with a tighter, more technical track, a uniform 4 metres wide with some lower jumps and table tops. Details …

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Round 3

is being held at MRCR Monaghan, on the 15th and 16th of July. Having had their first ever National event abandoned due to rain last year, the organisers are hard at work this year to ensure a good event and erase the memory of last year. An all dirt track, featuring soil jumps, which are now faced off with concrete for a uniform, take off from start to finish. Details …

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Round 4

sees the Maiden City Model Car Club make its “maiden” voyage into the National series, on the 12th and 13th of August, at their MCMCC track in Derry / Londonderry. The club organisers have put a lot of work into getting the track ready for this event, and making their layout National complaint. An all dirt track comprised of a good mix of straight and technical sections. This track promises to add a new flavour to the National calendar. Details …

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Round 5

The 5th and final round will be held on the 9th and 10th of September at the NNN track in Navan. Described as “The best 1/8th astro track I have been to” by Mike Craddock, this club never fail to put on a great finale to the Championship. An all AstroTurf track with long straights, tight turns and a good selection of jumps. Details …

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Best Regards,

Greg Cunningham,

1/8th Scale Rep.


2017 EFRA / IFMAR Events

Update on the current information available for next year’s European and Worlds events with EFRA / IFMAR. For those looking to attend you will need to be at the agm to register your interest.

1/10th Events 2017

The 2017 1/10 Off-Road Elec. World Championshipwill be held at:-

      The FEMCA Bloc. in China.
      The address of the venue is :-
       3 Circles model Technology.
       519 Jimei North Avenue, Jimei, Xiamen, Fujian, China.  (If you type this into google maps you should find it).

The venue is in the South East of China, approx. 400 km North East of Hong Kong.  (Taiwan is approx. 100 km off the coast).
The venue is 19 km from Xiamen International Airport (36 mins. ride).
The Hotel zone is 15 km from the track venue with 'pick-up' organised.  (The Hotels look impressive).

Xiamen has an international airport, but I have no information regarding direct flights.
There are flights from Honk Kong and Shanghai each day to Xiamen.

The track venue is large and also encompasses a tarmac track.  The facilities at the track look very impressive.
The track surface is clay, outdoors.


The date for the event is given as 07 - 12 Nov. 2017.
At this stage, I advise this should not be considered as firm, as this encompasses six days and the Off-Road WC takes seven days.  I have asked the IFMAR Chairman to have this ratified and will inform you when we have definite dates.

The 2017 European Championshipwas decided at the AGM last year:

The event will be hosted by Italy.
The venue is approx. 9 km from the town of Pinerolo, which is SW of Turin.
I estimate it is approx. 60 km from Turin airport.
The address of the track venue is:-

       Strada Paglieri
       50, 10064 Pinerolo.    Lat/Long  44.864490   7.399080

On google maps :-  If you enter --  Agrimodel, Buriasco, Italy  --  you should find the actual track.
The organisers have been asked to give preferred dates, tyre choice etc., but as yet I have no details from them.  I will update you when these details have been received.


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