Rccaoi Rallycross Round One Race Report

The RCCAOI Championship for 2017 got off to a great start with round one at Badmcc, Aghalee last Sunday.  A lot of work has been done on the track again this year, with a new, raised turn section in the center of the track, a longer, newly constructed pit lane, and covered pit benches and seats for every driver there. Attendance was a record levels with 47 drivers registered to race.      


The weather for the weekend was ideal, wind did cause some problems over the big jump on Saturday, but Sunday was calm and hot. Dust was at a minimum and grip was very high, both attributed to the amount of molasses / sugar applied to the track in the week running up to the event. The heat did cause some problems with plastics softening, giving buggies even more grip, and causing parts to break under the strain. I saw more than the usual amount of wishbones, wing mounts and servos head for the bin.



The heat for the final was intense, shorts and bottled water a must for marshals, some drivers using almost bald, small tread tires due to the level of grip on the now well swept track. Bradley Baird took T.Q. from the heats, so was in pole position for the start. He led the race around the first corner and held it for the entire race, lapping back markers by the third lap.  Some drivers had engine issues with flameouts, no doubt due to the heat, but over all everyone had high praise for the event and the facilities. Detailed results are available on at www.rccaoi.com

1/8th Ebuggy Podium:


1/8th Nitro Podium:

The next round, Rnd 2, is at the Crccc track in Cork on the 24th / 25th of June, details at www.crccc.ie

Greg Cunningham
1.8th Rallycross Rep




1/10th Electric Off Road National Championships

Round 1, May 13th, Banbridge and District Model Car Club (BADMCC)

Hi All,

We just want to give drivers some information in advance of Round 1 of the 1/10th Off Road Electric Nationals.
Gates open from 8.30am
Booking in will be open from approx. 9 until 10 (will be announced over PA)
Track open from 9 to 10 for open practice.
Drivers briefing approx. 10.15
First race 10:30 sharp.
There will be a 30 min lunch break after Qualifying
Finals will start approx. 2pm

Qualifying will be 3 rounds, Round by Round, with best 2 rounds to count.
Finals will be 3 legs, with best 2 to count.
Timing system is Mylaps RC4.
There`s plenty of pitting and room for tents if you prefer, but bring your own power.
Please see www.badmcc.com for location details.
Race fee is €10 for first class, €5 for second.

Control Tyre is Proline Holeshots. You will not be allowed race without these on ALL DRIVEN AXLES


Rules can be found here:

You must be a member of the RCCAOI and an associated club to race. Please join before the race day.

If you have any questions regarding anything, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We can’t answer questions on Facebook, as there are too many groups to monitor!





nat calendar

Timings for this weekends national .
Saturday gates open 11.15 am with open practice 12-5pm , locking up at 6.30pm . 
Sunday gates open 7.30am with booking in closing 9.30 am and first heat of the line at 10am . 
You must be booked in through race control before using track , cost for sat is £8 and Sunday £12 .
Track is only open to national competitors who are RCCAOI registered this weekend .