RCCAOI 1/8th scale Off Road Rnd 1, Badmcc Race Report

The RCCAOI 1/8th scale off road championship got off to a flying start at Badmcc last weekend. There was a good turn out with 38 drivers competing on the day.



The track was in prime condition despite several days’ rain; however the weather was mostly fine for the weekend, with just enough light showers to keep down the dust.



There were several new features added since the last National competition, including a new table top / steps combination, several new paved corners, a large timber banked corner and a flat timber hairpin, which gave the drivers a new challenge when wet.

The meeting went off without a hitch; four rounds of qualifying saw Alan Scroggie take T.Q. in the Nitro class with Aaron Vance taking T.Q. in the Electric class.


Final Results …


                 Nitro:                                                          Electric: 


1st   Alan Scroggie,             Agama / Bullitt / Beta                     1st Gary Baird,                    Agama
2nd  Andrew McClean,        Agama / Bullitt / Beta                       2nd Barkley Abernethy,       Agama
3rd  Barkley Abernethy,      Agama / Bullitt / Beta                       3rd Aaron Vance,               Team Durango

Greg Cunningham, 1/8th scale off road section rep