The second round of the Irish Nats took place last weekend at the Astroturf track of NIMCC . The track itself is challenging as it’s pretty tight, twisty and full-on with a pretty quick lap time of below 30 seconds. If you make a mistake you paid heavily.
Qualifying and the weather was playing its part with sun showers and although it dried very quickly, half the track was bone dry the other half stayed slick. Alan Scroggie set the pace followed by Gary Baird, Barkley Abernethy and Aaron Vance.
Come the finals and it was the same story with the weather, with clouds in the sky mini pins where not an option and most in the main final decided it wasn’t to be chanced. So with spirals bolted to their cars the first few minutes where interesting to say the least until they got used to the grip level. Alan had a issue and had to retire by the first round of pit stops that left Gary to take up the lead, which he never came close to relinquishing. Barkley had a flame out at ten-minutes and spent the the remained clawing his way back up to second. Aaron Vance cut a few times and promoted Colin Whelan to a well deserved third. Hats tipped to Gary Baird for a cool 45-minute long drive and a deserving win with difficult conditions .


In the E-buggy final it was super close at the top with seconds covering the tops places. In the end it was TQ driver Aaron who kept the best lines to finish out front 7sec ahead of Gary who finished second and Barkley third.